Campari Cask Tales : A Celebration of Legacy in a Bottle (1 L)

ประเทศ (Country) Italy
ขนาดบรรจุ (bottle size) 1000 ml (1 L)
ประเภทลิเคียว (liqueur type) Herbal liqueurs
แอลกอฮอล์ (Alcohol) 25%

Campari Cask Tales is a unique expression of the classic Campari, finished in bourbon barrels, launched to
celebrate 150 years since the birth of Davide Campari. Bourbon barrel finishing smooths bitter notes with
fruity, sweet and creamy tones, providing delicate oaky smokiness to the legendary Campari liquid. Inspired by
bartenders to enthuse fellow bartenders, their opinion throughout the process was essential to define the best
variation of the spirit, which led to the unique creation of Campari Cask Tales. ABV 25%


Campari Unveils a Unique Expression of Classic Campari Finished in Bourbon Barrels

NEW YORK CITY (September 10, 2019) – Steeped in a rich heritage dedicated to the world of art and craftsmanship, Campari®, Italy’s iconic bittersweet red aperitif, is introducing a new expression to the United States in limited quantity to celebrate over 150 years of the legacy of Davide Campari. Created by revered Herbalist & Master Blender, Bruno Malavasi, Campari Cask Tales represents a new chapter in Campari’s illustrious history as a contemporary take on the classic Campari that is finished in bourbon barrels, resulting in a unique and unprecedented palate experience.

Adding a twist to the legacy that was passed down by Gaspare Campari to his son, Davide, Campari Cask Tales is an exploration into the world of cask-finishing. Bruno Malavasi experimented with casks from multiple sources to find the ideal environment to age and flavor the liqueur, which finally led to Bruno’s selection of second-fill bourbon casks, resulting in a liquid masterpiece.

On the nose, Cask Tales spotlights a traditional Campari herbal profile, balanced with a subtle spiciness from finishing in wood. On the palate, the bourbon barrel finishing smooths the bitter notes with fruity, sweet, and creamy tones, providing a delicate oaky smokiness to the legendary Campari liquid.

One of the world’s most iconic aperitifs, Campari takes great pride in celebrating and emboldening bartenders to create intriguing drinking experiences. Campari Cask Tales was largely inspired and informed by passionate bartenders from around the globe, including Leo Robitschek, Gaz Regan, and Jeffrey Morgenthaler, who shared their expertise and guidance alongside Bruno. Their invaluable insight coupled with the patience of time within the cask were essential to define the best variation of the spirit.

While Campari Cask Tales was crafted to inspire bartenders to experiment and create their own masterpieces, the unique spirit can also be enjoyed in classic, simple serves such as neat or on the rocks. Cask Tales also shines in the form of a Shakerato, where the spirit is shaken vigorously with ice and served up in a chilled cocktail glass. A simple-to-execute and delicious cocktail, the Shakerato exquisitely highlights Cask Tales’ nuanced and remarkable flavor profile.

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