Campari Negroni Set


Campari Negroni Set Includes :

Campari Liqueur (750 ml) x 1

Campari is a bitter Italian aperitif. It is a proprietary blend of herbs and spices, is a brilliant red color, and has an extremely unique flavor. It's prominant flavor is that of a strong bitter orange similar to if you were to drop orange bitters directly on your tongue. Served on the rocks or in simple cocktails such as the Campari and Soda and Negroni. It is used in a number of classic cocktails and though it is frequently paired with gin, works well with other base liquors such as whiskey and vodka.

Cinzano Vermouth Rosso (750 ml) x 1

Cinzano Rosso is dark red in colour and wrapped in intense, delicious citrus flavours. Sweet and Fragrant, it finishes with a unique and pleasantly bitter aftertaste. It is exciting, rich and daring. Always serve chilled. Enjoy pure, over ice, or mixed with apple juice and a dash of cinnamon. Try one of our Rosso cocktails.

Bulldog London Dry Gin (750 ml) x 1

A delicious English gin made with poppy, dragon eye, lotus leaves, citrus, almond, lavender and various other botanicals (12 in total). This is four times distilled in copper pot stills, and Bulldog had the highest rating ever received by a gin from Wine Enthusiast Magazine. It was also voted a Top 50 spirit!.

Campari Rock Glass x 2



Campari is the result of the talent of Gaspare, master drink maker and the founder of the company. Campari is obtained from an hydroalcoholic infusion introducing alcohol and water in a mixture of herbs, plants and fruits. Alcohol, sugar and water are the only known ingredients of its special and secret recipe. Remaining loyal to the original formula and keeping it strictly confidential, is one of the company’s missions. This recipe is why Campari has always been characterized by a peculiar taste and by a brilliant red

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