Hennessy 250 th anniversary Collector Blend (700 ml)

ประเทศ (Country) France
ประเภทบรั่นดี (Brandy Type) Cognac
ขนาดบรรจุ (bottle size) 700 ml
แอลกอฮอล์ (Alcohol) 40%
Commemorating our 250th anniversary, The Hennessy 250 Collector Blend pays full tribute to two-and-a-half centuries of excellence, international expansion, and visionary passion. Rich and expressive on the nose, developing complex aromatic tones ranging from vegetal to spicy: bitter orange and freshly grated nutmeg, liquorice, dried peppermint leaf and delicate spices, in particular saffron. While exhibiting its power on the palate, this cognac also possesses great elegance, with wonderful persistence on the finish, a delightful nuance of spicy complexity.


The eaux-de-vie selected for this cognac are characterised by their capacity to achieve a fine balance as they mature over time to find the perfect point of harmony between power, vivacity and elegance. These eaux-de-vie are identified and chosen primarily for their rich character and highly expressive aromatics. Supple and clearly defined from the outset, they exhibit a refined vitality that gives expression to the elegance and intensity of this anniversary cognac.


The eaux-de-vie are between 15 and 35 years old and have been aged in young barrels, meaning that they have been used previously in the maturation of between two and four other eaux-de-vie. This measured, unhurried process of maturation allows the wood gradually to come together with the eau-de-vie, so that the wood begins to exert its beneficial influence without ever becoming dominant in the blend. It allows the wonderful amber colour of the blend to develop, while bringing out its spicy nuances, saffron in particular, and enhances the strength of its character.


Master Blender Yann Fillioux and his Tasting Committee have demonstrated the full extent of their dexterity in assembling this engagingly powerful and refined cognac. In doing so, they were able to draw on the full Maison Hennessy Reserve to single out about a hundred eaux-de-vie of subtly differing characteristics, notably including some of those that exhibit the lightest wood influence. Some are more dynamic, others more understated, but the individual character of each one enhances the overall balance of the blend, while at the same time adding yet further to its depth and elegance. This subtle and expertly assembled blend forms a cognac of great distinction, full of life and intensity, with nuances of bitter orange, liquorice, dried peppermint leaf and saffron.

The cognac finishing

The approach to the finishing of this cognac, following the blending process, was adapted to give the cognac a new complexion. The successive Master Blenders of the Maison had always observed that the cognacs evolving with the finest levels of subtlety and elegance were those raised in barrels of 270 litres: this small cask capacity facilitates an almost perfect interaction between the wood and the cognac. With this in mind, and also with an eye to its history of 250 years, Hennessy took this empirical insight further and decided to secure the production of 250 barrels of 250 litres. These barrels, made to order by the coopers at La Sarrazine, raise the level of interaction between the wood and the cognac a little further, providing the very best conditions possible for the required maturation to take place.

The location, the micro-climate and the atmosphere are all equally vital factors in the maturation of a cognac. For this anniversary blend, no better plan could be conceived than for it to complete its maturation in the historic conditions to be found at the Maison, in the same way as all its oldest cognacs.

The 250 barrels were therefore installed by the banks of the river Charente, positioned adjacent to the Founder’s Cellar, a space of iconic significance for Maison Hennessy. Stored at ground level, this is where the cognac completes its maturation ; here it is able to mature in prime conditions and at the slowest pace, with a slightly lower level of evaporation. In this way, cognac achieves a complete harmony without acquiring too much concentration. With its finest aromatic characteristics allowed to emerge and develop, the cognac ultimately finds its optimal balance.

Tasting notes

Colour : This anniversary cognac is distinguished by a bright, warm shade of amber.

Nose : Rich and expressive on the nose, developing complex aromatic tones ranging from vegetal to spicy: bitter orange and freshly grated nutmeg, liquorice, dried peppermint leaf and delicate spices, in particular saffron.

Palate : While exhibiting its power on the palate, this anniversary cognac also possesses a great elegance, with its wonderful persistence on the finish highlighted by a delightful nuance of spicy complexity.

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