Holy Grass Vodka (700 ml)

ประเทศ (Country) Scotland
ขนาดบรรจุ (bottle size) 700 ml
ประเภทวอดก้า (Vodka Type) Flavour
แอลกอฮอล์ (Alcohol) 41.5%

Holy Grass Scottish Vodka is made by Dunnet Bay Distillers, producers of Rock Rose Gin. The Holy grass (known as bisongrass in Poland) is grown locally on the banks of the River Thurso and adds a floral and grassy character to the vodka – superb served neat, straight from the freezer.


Holy grass goes by many names, but you can think of this as a Scottish bison grass vodka. The grass grows on the banks of the Thurso River near the distillery in Caithness, although in fact Dunnet Bay have to source the botanical from elsewhere because their local grass enjoys protected status! Those sweet, vanilla and chamomile notes that go so well with apple anyway are given a helping hand here as the spirit is also infused with Highland apple vapour and apple juice. A well-conceived, tasty craft vodka from the folk behind the excellent Rock Rose Gin.

Tasting Note

Nose : Creamy sweet vanilla comes through immediately, with blueberry, candied peels and chamomile.

Palate : On the palate the apple comes into play more, doing so through texture as much as taste. There's a physical knowledge that it's there, with chamomile, pear skin and honey.

Finish : Lingering sweet vanilla.

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