Johnnie Walker Black Label Icon 3.0 (1 L)

ประเทศ (Country) Scotland
ขนาดบรรจุ (bottle size) 1000 ml (1 L)
ภูมิภาค (Whisky Region) Other Scotch Whisky
ประเภทวิสกี้ (Whisky Type) Blended Whisky
แอลกอฮอล์ (Alcohol) 40%

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In 1909, 'Extra Special Old Highland Whisky' was renamed Johnnie Walker Black Label. Johnnie Walker Black Label was created to represent the very best from all four corners of Scotland and was quickly recognised as a new benchmark in blending excellence. Embraced by the great and the good, it has been immortalised in a painting by none other than Winston Churchill and on film in the cult classic Blade Runner. Today, it is one of the world’s best-selling Deluxe Scotch Whiskies.



Johnnie Walker Black Label is rich, complex and incredibly well-balanced, full of dark fruits, sweet vanilla and signature smokiness.

Blended exclusively from whiskies matured for at least 12 years, it brings together flavours from the four corners of Scotland to create an experience that is complex, deep and rewarding. Johnnie Walker Black Label rolls decadently over the tongue, releasing intense sweet vanillas that give way to orange zest and aromas of spice and raisins. The finish is unbelievably smooth and layered with rich smoke, peat and malt.



Enjoy Johnnie Walker Black Label in any way you like - on its own, with a dash of water, or along with your favourite mixer.

We recommend Johnnie Walker Black Label and soda. Here’s the perfect serve.

  • I  Fill a tall glass with cubed ice
  • II Add 25 ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
  • III  Add 75 ml soda water, or fill to the top
  • IV  Garnish with a wedge of lime
  • V  Enjoy



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