Jose L. Piedra Petit Cazadores (5 Sticks per Box)

Brand Jose L. Piedra
ประเทศ (Country) Cuba
Strength Medium
Length (inches) 4.1
Ring Gauge 43
The Petit Cazadores does not lack punch or vim. On lighting up, the full earthy tastes convey a pleasant rustic character. As the smoking goes through, intensity goes crescendo up to the final. Power is not excessive, tempo and combustion are both very good.
Jose L. Piedra is a popular brand for domestic consumption in Cuba. Apart from the original six smaller Jose L. Piedra cigars which are machine-made, this Jose L. Piedra brand started producing a new full range of hand-made sizes (which have recently become unavailable). Made in the regional factory in Santa Clara, Cuba, this Jose L. Piedra brand continues to have very competitive pricing. Jose L. Piedra brand cigars are considered to have a mild-to-medium body with strong flavours.
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