Ki No Bi Tea Gin (700 ml)

ประเทศ (Country) Japan
ขนาดบรรจุ (bottle size) 700 ml
แอลกอฮอล์ (Alcohol) 45.1%

KI NO TEA is a product created in collaboration with tea-grower and blender Hori-Shichimeien, founded in the Meiji era in 1879 and based in the famous Uji region to the south of Kyoto city. A number of super-premium Uji teas have been specially selected to form the heart of KI NO TEA.


Ki No Tea is a limited edition developed in association with the tea blender and producer Hori-Shichimeien. Its plantation, founded during the Meiji era in 1879, is based in the famous Uji region, south of Kyoto. This Japanese gin is made from several teas specially selected to create the heart of Ki No Tea. Tencha and Gyokuro teas bring intense aromas, deep flavors and a beautiful sweetness. The Kyoto distillery uses leaves harvested from the Okunoyama tea field, which dates back to the 1300s. These carefully selected leaves will be blended with other botanicals according to a unique recipe specially developed for Ki No Tea.

The Kyoto Company, the only distillery dedicated to gin in Japan. Ki No Bi means “The Beauty of Seasons”.
11 botanicals make up Ki No Bi: rice alcohol, juniper berries, iris root and hinoki (Japanese cedar) form the basis. It includes citrus fruits (yuzu, lemon), ginger, tea, local plants and herbs. Each category of flavors is macerated in rice alcohol and distilled individually before being blended.


—Tasting comment—

 Ki No Bi can be enjoyed as a Gin & Tonic but also in different classic or creative cocktails.

Ki no Bi can be enjoyed pure on ice with a little Sansho pepper but also with a little hot or cold water, according to Japanese traditions “Oyuwari” or “Mizuwari”.

Nose: A delicate and greedy nose

Palate:White chocolate notes followed by juniper lead to a long green tea finish.



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