Calvados Roger Groult 15 Years Old (700 ml)

ประเทศ (Country) France
ประเภทบรั่นดี (Brandy Type) Calvados
ขนาดบรรจุ (bottle size) 700 ml
แอลกอฮอล์ (Alcohol) 40%
15 year old Calvados from Pays d'Auge, made by Roger Groult, a highly respect name in the Calvados industry. An elegant and intense Calvados, rich with spiced apple pastries and vanilla.

Calvados Roger Groult

Since 1850, the Groult family has been dedicated to calvados, and today, experts, especially in France, consider Groult perhaps one of the best calvados brands of all (if there really is a "best"!).

In said year of 1850, Pierre Groult began with the sale of calvados. Later, he became a producer himself, and on 30 July 1893, he won his first gold medal with his calvados at the Agricultural Show in Lisieux.

Since then, the following three generations have continued to run the company. As they have been privileged not only to rely on the experience of their ancestors, but also on the latter's old calvados reserves, they have naturally been just as successful. Since 1950, the company headquartered in the Clos de la HurvaniËre is called "Roger Groult" while the traditional methods have been preserved: Only apples from their own plantations (about 50 different varieties!) are processed to produce one of the most famous calvados varieties (without any added artificial sweetness!). For us, Groult has everything a calvados can offer: aroma, taste and finish are truly complex (especially in the varieties of 15 years and older), which means that one can truly "discover" something (like with good cognac cuvée), and that it offers both the taste of fresh apples and the maturity and density of an old brandy.

But there is also a very different view of calvados: The focus on extreme delicacy, which has little to do with the apples that we know. Anyone who is looking for something like that should also consider a calvados from Domaine de la Vigannerie (Dupont) - a brandy of utmost finesse. It is in any case our belief: If you do not know Groult, you have no idea how good calvados can be.

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