Camus Cognac Ile De Re Fine Island (700 ml)

ประเทศ (Country) France
ประเภทบรั่นดี (Brandy Type) Cognac
ขนาดบรรจุ (bottle size) 700 ml
แอลกอฮอล์ (Alcohol) 40%

CAMUS has always drawn upon all of the Charente region’s diverse terroirs, with the aim of revealing the richness and flavors these different areas have to offer. In this constant quest, the discovery of the vineyards of the Île de Ré was a genuine revelation. Île de Ré is found off the west coast of France in the Charente-Maritime department. Situated in the Bois à Terroirs cru, the island is the most westerly region of the Cognac appellation. With its fresh, marine notes, CAMUS Île de Ré Fine Island is a perfect expression of the authentic style and qualities of its area of provenance. The grapes have naturally higher iodine content than those harvested on the mainland. In addition, the island’s mild climate helps to bestow a truly individual character on the eaux-de-vie it produces. Distilled on the lees to enhance the original flavors of the eaux-de-vie from which it is produced, Île de Ré Fine Island Cognac is then aged in an extremely damp cellar to add greater roundness, using lightly toasted oak barrels that provide an extremely delicate woody flavour.

Awards :

  • Silver Medal : San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018
  • Silver Medal : International Wine & Spirit Competition - 2018
  • Gold Medal : The Cognac Masters (The Spirits Business) - 2018

Camus VSOP Ile De Re Fine Island

The Camus VSOP Ile de Ré Fine Island Cognac is one of a range of cognacs produced by the house from the vineyards located on the Ile de Ré Island.  This located in the most westerly part of the cognac growing region.  Grapes grown here produce inimitable eaux-de-vie with an island character balanced by fruity notes and outstanding smoothness.  This VSOP is the youngest cognac in the range.  Served neat, it will surprise you with its light, fresh tanginess. Chilled or over ice, this cognac offers a creamy texture. A dash of still spring water will reveal its powerful character to the full.

Tasting Notes

Has a nose with light, fresh notes of iodine and a lively, delicately oaked opening palate with dried fruit notes, leading into the characteristic smooth finish with a salty touch.

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