Compass Box Orangerie (700 ml)

ประเทศ (Country) Scotland
ขนาดบรรจุ (bottle size) 700 ml
ภูมิภาค (Whisky Region) Other Scotch Whisky
ประเภทวิสกี้ (Whisky Type) Blended Malt
แอลกอฮอล์ (Alcohol) 40%
It is named after the citrus greenhouses that became the rage in 16th century England, introducing oranges to the aristocracy for the first time. To make Orangerie, Compass Box starts with Fife-sourced highland single malt and single grain whiskies. Then they infuse zest of Navalino orange peel, cloves, cassia bark and cinnamon

Orangerie is made from smooth, sweet Scotch whisky infused with the hand-zested peel of Navalino oranges and subtle accents of Indonesia cassia bark and Sri Lankan cloves. Fascinating aromas of fresh-peeled oranged and Christmas cake spices rise from the glass. On the palate, soft, rich whisky flavours blend with hints of vanilla, cassia bark and clove, offset by sweet – natured orange.

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