Marie Brizard Peach (700 ml) (Syrup)

ประเภทอื่นๆ (Other Type) Syrup
ประเทศ (Country) France
ขนาดบรรจุ (bottle size) 700 ml
แอลกอฮอล์ (Alcohol) Non Alcohol
Marie Brizard, Peach Syrup - non-alcoholic syrup made ​​from sugar cane and high quality peach juice. This concentrated syrup with a stunning fruity aroma, perfectly complement any cocktail


Company founded in 1755 in Bordeaux. The brand, created by Marie Brizard in Bordeaux, a region renowned throughout the world for its tradition of quality wines, is one of the world's most venerable producers of liqueurs and drinks based on plants, fruits and spices. Originally, the firm made its name with the aniseed liqueur that was later to become the Marie Brizard anisette, but its real growth period came when it branched out into a wide range of cocktail-based liqueurs, spirits, non-alcoholic drinks, and more recently wines. The group sells some 200 million bottles, via two distribution subsidiaries (France and Spain) and exports to over 120 countries. The Marie Brizard brand of liqueurs has a reputation and a know-how that are unrivalled anywhere in the world. The spirits division also includes other well known brands such as the cognac Gautier, Old Lady's gin or the Berger aniseed liqueurs. The non-alcoholic beverage division is based on two main pillars: Sirop Sport cordials and the Pulco citrus concentrates. The wines activity was recently reinforced by the acquisition of the Chais Beaucairois. 


Made with pure cane sugar and rigorously selected peach juice, Marie Brizard Peach Syrup is highly concentrated and reveals an authentic peach flavour. No conservative agent.


Syrup brilliant orange color with a golden sheen.


The syrup has a sweet fruity taste with notes of juicy pulp peach. In the taste of the drink feels pleasant acidity.


The syrup has a sweet peach flavor.


Syrup can be used with carbonated or clean water, and in the various cocktails. This drink is also great for desserts.

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