Phraya Explorer Set (700 ml)

ประเทศ (Country) Thailand
แอลกอฮอล์ (Alcohol) 40%

The only luxury rum from Asia, PHRAYA sits among the finest rum in the world, by using only carefully-selected top quality rums. It is distilled, aged, blended and bottled in the Kingdom of Thailand. Undergoing a deep maturation technique, developed in accordance with Southeast Asian climate, PHRAYA draws out an enticing exotic taste for the palate. Such that the style of this rum is as rich as the history and culture of its country of origin.


Heritage & Origin

Sangsom Distillery, established in 1977, is one of the oldest distiller in Thailand. It has been producing top-selling brands of Thai rums, for several decades. In 2011, PHRAYA was introduced using the distiller’s innovativeness and expertise.

Liquid Gold

“PHRAYA” is a Thai word used in the old days. Its meaning refers to one of the highest ranks bestowed upon a person by the King. This rank is granted only for outstanding service to the monarch and the country, thus reflecting the exceptional ability of a person. Hence this word is chosen for its befitting meaning of the fine spirit label with unparalleled characteristics.

PHRAYA is crafted in the province of Nakhon Pathom, the nation’s first and oldest city. Not only important archaeological remains are found here, sugarcane farms are a common sight making sourcing of this primary ingredient effortless. Abundance of freshly-cut sugarcane and temperate climate of this centrally located city provide a perfect setting for the art of rum-making.

Deep Maturation

The technique used in the making of PHRAYA has been specifically developed to suit the humid climes of Thailand. This deep maturation technique involves spirits being aged in oak barrels. The warehouse used to store these barrels has been built to sit over river-mouth lagoons. The coolness of the lagoon’s environ effectively slow down the aging process allowing the rum to nurture and develop its distinctive depth. Upon its coming of age between seven and twelve years, only barrels containing the very finest rum are selected for blending by the skillful master distiller. And so, PHRAYA, a rum of unsurpassed quality is created.

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