Punch Petit Coronation (Aluminum Tube)

Brand Punch
ประเทศ (Country) Cuba
Strength Medium
Length (inches) 5.1
Ring Gauge 42
These little coronas exhibit great amounts of smoke right from the first draw. The start is cedar and oak with a floral hint. In the middle I found more woody notes with a vague citrus flavour and a sweet bean in there that I could not pin down, dammit! Leather taste is starting to build. The last third still exhibits some mild floral notes but with a heavy leather and tobacco end.
These cigars have always had good construction in my experience. I have smoked at least 20 of these and though I have had to adjust the burn on occasion, I have never had to relight one. Most are self correcting. Canoeing is never found. The draw is uniform across the whole lot I have smoked, that is, never loose, never tight. Be wary of where you cut these though as the cap can catch you out if you cut just that little too far.
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