Rabbit Vertical Corkscrew with Foil Cutter - Red

ประเทศ (Country) China
Brand Rabbit
Wine accessory Openner
Bar accessory Wine Opener
Size 6.4 x 14 x 15.9 cm
Color Red
Weight (kg) 0.4
The Candy Apple Red Vertical Rabbit Corkscrew makes opening a wine bottle even easier. The Vertical Rabbit's unique design operates standing up on the bottle. It can pull a cork in 3 seconds and will automatically eject the cork once it's been pulled


Vertical Rabbit Corkscrew :
1. Insert Vertical Rabbit Corkscrew into cork.
2. To remove cork, squeeze bottom firmly and pull lever upward.
3. Once cork is removed from bottle, eject cork by pulling lever upward and cork will release from Vertical Rabbit Corkscrew.
4. To prevent corkscrew damage, remove foil cap before opening.

Foil Cutter:
1. To use, place foil cutter on top of bottle and squeeze sides while turning bottle.

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