Leffe Radieuse 330ml x 24

ประเทศ (Country) Belgium
ประเภท (Beer Type) Ale
ขนาดบรรจุ (bottle size) 330 ml
แอลกอฮอล์ (Alcohol) 8.2%
Leffe Radieuse is an amber-coloured beer, rich in flavour and deliciously refined. Its complex taste is particularly enjoyed by true connoisseurs.
“An emblem of age-old tradition, Leffe Radieuse’s amber hue reflects its magnificence. Its character is elegantly balanced out by notes of orange rind, coriander seeds and roasted malt. The distinct bitter flavour shows bold signs of a beer that knows how to conquer the heart of a connoisseur. Incredibly rich and wonderfully full-bodied. However, only in a Leffe chalice will this beer truly relinquish all of its eccentricity.”
Leffe Radieuse marries perfectly with refined dishes such as grilled lamb fillet or cheeses such as Brie or Bleu de Moines. Leffe Radieuse contains 8.2% alcohol and is best served at 5-6°C in a beer chalice, which will allow all the flavours to come through.
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