Erdinger Oktoberfest Mug Glass (500 ml) (Pack 2 piece)

ประเทศ (Country) Germany
Brand Erdinger
Beer Glass Mug Beer Glass
Mugs as the ones used in Munich's Oktoberfest celebration. You can celebrate your German roots every day with your own dimpled Oktoberfest glass beer stein.


Erdinger is Germany’s foremost wheat brewery, located in Erding, a village near Munich. The Oktoberfest Weizen has been a tradition in Germany for over 60 years, and is brewed with caramelized barley and wheat malts.

“Like all Erdinger beers, our Erdinger Oktoberfest-Weizen is also refermented in the bottle and keg-similar to the champagne method,” said Erdinger’s Brewmaster Peter Liebert. “Very few breweries still stick to this traditional, complex and expensive brewing method. It is this bottle and keg fermentation that gives Erdinger its unparalleled freshness. To protect this freshness Erdinger is never pasteurized.”

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