Shichiken Furinbizan Junmai (1.8 L)

ประเทศ (Country) Japan
ประเภทสาเก (Sake Type) Junmai (Pure sake)
ขนาดบรรจุ (bottle size) 1800 ml (1.8 L)
แอลกอฮอล์ (Alcohol) 15%

This is a superbly crafted sake that will surprise and impress. This is the Shichiken standard Junmai Sake.

AWARDS : Plutinum.KuraMaster2019,2020, Gold.IWC 2019

From the town of Hakushu, where some of the best quality water comes from in Japan, this Junmai sake was brewed using the underground water flowing from Minami-Alps' Mt.Kaikoma. As you take your first sip, the umami of the rice beautifully spreads throughout your mouth and the delightful aroma flows out from your nose. The finishing flavor is clear, firm and semi-dry as it goes down your throat.
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